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Welcome to the NENA PSAP Registry


NENA is moving the NENA PSAP Registry service to an enhanced process, supported by Geo-Comm and known as the NENA Enhanced PSAP Registry and Census (EPRC). The EPRC will continue to provide online access for PSAPs and 9-1-1 Authorities to identify information, including 7x24-hour access numbers, for other PSAPs nation-wide. Enhancements include the addition of a map-based geodetic access method, allowing users to find PSAP information for a given street address, neighborhood, or similar. NENA will be turning down the current PSAP Registry in early 2020, so users should become familiar with the new NENA Enhanced PSAP registry. New IDs and Passwords for the EPR are currently being issued, and a growing number of PSAP Registry users have already or will be receiving information via email. You will receive notices about the conversion.

For more information about the Enhanced PSAP Registry and its accompanying Census product (EPRC), please visit, and watch the EPRC introduction and training video.

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